Trees are just like human beings, endowed with their very own personality, behaviors characteristics and story.

OldFloor: A prestigious company

Oldfloor is an internationally renowned brand company, that has consolidated its prestige by its undisputed quality of production of prestige hardwood floors. Many years of experience, born of passion for wood and its working, is translated into a wide collection of essences and finishes, capable of meeting the most varied stylistic & design requirements.

The exemplary attention to detail; the tireless search for new aesthetics; and the inestimable heritage of manufacturing know how, are the values that set Oldfloor apart and the symbolized by the marque with which proudly brands its products.

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From the lush forests in a region between Slovenia and Serbia, a variety of wood of clear and fine texture, which is the ideal choice for producing premium wood floors.

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An ecological choice of low environmental impact favoring the selection of European hardwood originating close to the production plant, and the most popular exotic wood.

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Bricole di Venezia: A wooden floor that brings to the home a valuable fragment of the evocative atmosphere of Venice.

Thimos: An eco-friendly transformation that originates from organic substances from the bare ground.

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A heritage of environmental principles

The forests must be managed for future generations, not only for environmental principals, but also for social responsibility. Oldfloor works a precious raw material, that represents a resource for the collective good and a safe-guard of the delicate ecological balance of the planet. Trees are the planet’s lungs and we fully partake in guaranteeing its safeguard. An ethical and social responsibility that translates into an entrepreneurial philosophy founded on the most rigorous standards of ecological sustainability. According to Greenpeace, Oldfloor is 6th in the Italian classification of products most aware of environmental impact and of the problems of reforestation. Old Floor is FSC and PEFC certified and strictly follows the certification criteria and guidelines ensuring that all or materials are handled with the utmost care at every stage of the production: from the forest to installed floors. Old Floor goes above and beyond for its materials and processes as well as for its employees and clients always dedicated to prioritizing social, health and environmental efforts.


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“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brains is a craftsman, but a man who works with his hands, his brain and his heart is an artist.” Louis Nizer

Each wooden floor branded Oldfloor preserves and recounts many stories. Every vein, every flame, every shade is the result, unique and inimitable of the layering and interweaving of these stories, a long process of transformation that combines craftsmanship and technology. This includes allowing room for irregularities and imperfections which, expertly controlled, become valued and distinctive elements within the anonymity of two-dimensional industrial standardization.

A natural material, alive and warm, transformed by the skill of man into a unique, decorative solution for interior design, in the wake of one of the most fascinating traditions of Italian craftsmanship.

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